Fairs and Festivals in Himachal

Fairs and Festivals in Himachal
Shivratri Fair at Baijnath (February)
Nalwari Cattle Fair at Bilaspur (March)
Chessu Fair at Rewalsar (March)
Salloni Fair at Solan (June)
Manimahesh Yatra trek from Bharmaur, Chamba to Mountain Kailash (August - September)
Summer Festival at Shimla and Dharamshala (May-June)
Kullu Dussehra
Doongri Festival in Kullu
Pori Festival in Lahul
Ladarcha Festival in Spiti
Sajo Festival
Minjar festival

Fairs and Festivals in Himachal are celebrated with full of excitement, fun and vigor. Himachal people take full interest in celebrating their local fairs and festivals. Not only locals but also people from other parts of the country and the world visit the beautiful state to participate in and experience the wonders of these popular Himachal fairs and festivals. To welcome large number of tourists coming here to get the glimpse of the popular culture of Himachal, a host of Himachal Hotels are available here. You can go for hotels booking which come in your own budget. These local fairs and festivals contribute significant part in evergreen Himachal Tourism on the tourist map of India. Moreover, we offer a wide range of exciting holiday packages and tour packages to make your tour much convenient and easy in Himachal. For newlyweds, Himachal is like a paradise. They go there to experience the natural and cultural beauty of the gorgeous region with their special one. Making their love tour much memorable and enjoyable, a big line of honeymoon packages are also offered by us. You can also get here some exciting summer package.

Himachal’s most fairs and festivals are linked to various seasons in the state. There is a lot of folklore related with the beginning of these festivals. A true reflection of the lives, beliefs, popular rural customs and culture is delivered through these fairs and festivals. You can experience here annual fairs relating to the historical and sociological background of each district in that particular area. Himachal people find these fairs and festivals an inseparable part of their lives.


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